Frequently Asked Questions

That’s right, some guy who loves music wanted to start a music TV show but thought this would be fun first. Get porches in a neighborhood and put lots of really good local musicians and bands on them. It’s been done before, so this guy isn’t necessarily a trailblazer here but it hasn’t been done in metro Detroit. So let him think he’s brilliant for having the idea to bring it to life here.

The approved designated area is … East of Woodward Avenue from Breckenridge to the north and south to Academy and westside of Woodward in the neighborhoods just south of Nine Mile – beginning from Troy Street to no further south than Marshall and no further and then north of Nine Mile no further than Maplehurst and to Pinecrest to the west.

The City of Ferndale approved for 25 porches in our inaugural year so we really, really wanted to do this and agreed to play by the rules and said “okay.” This year, 2021, we’ve grown to 30 porches.
See schedule page for full lineup and map. You can download the full schedule.21

Well, we’re trying to make it really easy…but we’re also trying to “keep it green.”

We’re not printing schedules but we created an interactive map with every porch address and is linked to Google Maps. Tap on an address on the map, tap the walking mode (or else you may be walking in circles) and it will display how to get from one porch to another.

But if you really, really need a printed schedule (yeah, we know, some of you like to hold something in your hand) you can download the latest schedule from the website.

That’s easy too. Here on our website on both the 2021 Lineup tab, are all the musicians and bands performing. Click on one and there is a music link for you to sample.  This will also help you to plan out your day as to who you may want to go listen to. Now that’s fun!

Really website guy…are you really asking that question? The Front Porch – A Day of Music on Ferndale Porches is also a day of music for EVERYONE! Bring the kids, the aunts and uncles, grandma and grandpa…and all your friends (which we hope you have lots of).
Well residents volunteered to be a “host” porch. They are providing their time and access to power for performers if needed  We couldn’t do this without them.  So, please be respectful of your “hosts” and keep their property clean and don’t walk anywhere you shouldn’t be (especially in their home). Thank them for their hospitality.

Thank you porch “hosts!” And if you want to be a future porch “host” you make a submission now for 2020.

The only way they get paid is by you showing them your love for their music.

The spirit of a “porchfest” is to provide a grass-roots, community event.
Musicians give freely of their time, talents and resources as a gift to the neighborhood, attendees and to each other.

Please show them your appreciation for playing The Front Porch.

Some may be as determined by the Ferndale Police and estimated crowds on specific streets/porches.

We’re committed to the sharing of public space and making the effort to accommodate one another. For drivers, this means slowing down and expecting to find pedestrians, bikers, and crowds.

And for those enjoying the festival, please let’s stay out of the streets and recognize that people in cars still need access.

So just relax and make it work. It’s the neighborly thing to do.

Parking is as normal throughout Ferndale. Please obey any parking requirements and restrictions.
Be aware that there is much construction and development happening in Ferndale to plan accordingly and make it as easy as possible for you and others traveling throughout the community.
We encourage you to park as far off-site as possible and take a walk to the designated area. There should be plenty of parking throughout the neighborhoods unless designated otherwise.
Or take one of those “ride-share” thingys.

The Front Porch is planned as a walkable event.
The City of Ferndale is also a great neighborhood to take a bike ride so we encourage you to not only come listen to great music but get some exercise.

Please be respectful of the merchants and businesses in downtown Ferndale. While many may be open to allow attendees to use their restrooms they are not obligated to do so.
But you can show your patronage (that’s a big word) and then of course you can use their potty for little Susie.

Speaking of potties…there will be porta-johns on the median of Livernois and Breckenrdige.

No, no silly…we’re here for you