The Front Porch

The Front Porch

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Oblique Noir

4:30 pm | 424 West Lewiston Avenue, Ferndale, MI, United States

Sylvia Inwood (Vocals) studied theatre at Wayne State University
during which time she had singing roles in two Kurt Weill musicals
(Lost in the Stars at WSU and The Threepenny Opera with the Brecht
Company at the University of Michigan). She sings fluently in several
languages including French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Past
bands include Two Blue, the Layabouts, and Sylvia Inwood and The

Djeto Juncaj (Guitar, Accordion and Oud) began playing guitar at
the age of 17. Since that time, the native of Montenegro has become
an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, adding banjo, cello, oud, qyteli,
and santoor (among others) to his list of musical skills. He also
performs with and is a founding member of Immigrant Suns and a
veteran of many other local bands, including The Audionics, The CIA
and Granfalloon. He also currently performs with Mom Barley.

Kurt Prisbe (Percussion) has been a musician since the age of ten.
Focusing mostly on drums, he has played rock and roll, prog rock,
jazz, free jazz, ethnic folk and improvised forms in many different
contexts with many different musicians, including: William Parker,

Faruq Z. Bey, Thollem McDonas, and the Immigrant Suns.