The Front Porch

The Front Porch

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Nikki Holland & The Dirty Elizabeths

4:30 pm | 1546 West Pearson Street, Ferndale, MI, United States

Long in support of charitable causes, Nikki Holland & The Dirty Elizabeths are perhaps most known for their motto, “Until We Are Equal, Be Greater Than”. This has become a movement that has allowed them to support victims of hate crimes and their families, and that they continue to carry with them. Nikki Holland & The Dirty Elizabeths are a playful band that from the Detroit area of Michigan that has now taken international hold with songs like, “Bump Bump”, “Faster”, and “Shameless”.

The band’s Americana music is a blend of storytelling folk rock with southern and reggae undertones. Whether they are delivering social awareness message, or just plain having fun, they hold their audience as the key to their fun on stage, and so they are known for their interaction with their fans on and off stage. Whether giving away free merchandise, or brining in fans to the studio to get involved, they consider all their fans to be a Dirty Elizabeth.